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Is your washing machine displaying error code F05? Well don't worry we're back this week to explain what F05 is and what you can do at home to get rid of it!

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The dreaded F05 error code! It's the most common fault you will encounter on both washing machine and tumble dryers. In short, F05 is telling you that it can't pump out any waste water. The good news however, is it's the easiest to fix, stay tuned as Brynn is going to show you how!

Before starting make sure you have someone to help especially if you're going to try step two. A couple of big towels are strongly advised as there could be quite a bit of waste water in the waste pump.


Step one:
Blocked pump - Clean out the filter as shown in the video. Remove the panel at the bottom of your machine. Unscrew the waste pump and remove any 'gunk' or obstructions.

Step two:
At the back of your machine you need to get to the waste water hose. This is where you will be looking for any kinks or pressure on the pipe which could be stopping the flow of water.

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