Uplifting Majestic Ballad Guitar Backing Track in A Tribute to My Grandfather

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Uplifting Majestic Ballad Guitar Backing Track in A SJT398 Tribute to My Grandfather. This guitar jam track blues has spacious chill uplifting verse, powerful majestic chorus, good vibes with plenty of space for improvisation. Jam track is in the key of A and shows the A guitar scale chart pattern. Original quality Instrumental backing tracks for musicians to use for improvising a guitar solo, piano, vocals, lyrics, guitar video improvisation or for anything that inspires you… Enjoy

In Loving Memory, A Tribute to My Grandfather. He would have been 100 years old today. I miss him dearly and carry his spirit in my heart.
10/09/1920 - 06/08/2008

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Chord progressions as follows:
Verse: A | F#m | Dsus2 | E | F#m | A | F#m | Dsus2 | E | A
Chorus: F#m | E | A | D | E | F#m | D | E | A | G#aug | F#m | E | D | E | A

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