Tropical Storm Zeta and Typhoon Molave (#QuintaPH) Live Update

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Tropical Storm Zeta is stationary in the Caribbean Sea but is expected to begin moving northwest shortly, with an expected landfall in the Yucatan Peninsula on late Monday or early Tuesday as a hurricane before continuing to intensify in the Gulf of Mexico. Zeta should peak in the Central Gulf of Mexico, and begin to weaken as shear increases due to a trough that will rapidly turn the storm to the north and northeast. Zeta's intensity forecast is less certain than usual, but hurricane warnings are in place in Mexico ahead of the storm due to the recently raised intensity guidance, and a hurricane landfall in the United States is possible.

Typhoon Molave (Philippine Name Quinta) made landfall in the Philippines and is still intensifying as it moves through Luzon. It is expected to remain a Typhoon throughout its time over the Philippines before re-emerging in the south China Sea where it is likely to resume strengthening. Force Thirteen currently forecasts a mid-range Category 2 peak but a Category 3 peak is possible as well. Weakening is then anticipated before landfall occurs in Vietnam with a Category 1 storm being forecasted just offshore. Regardless of intensity, the storm is also expected to bring dangerous flooding and mudslide threats as it dumps over 16 inches of rain over some areas of Vietnam.

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Please stay up to date with info from the National Hurricane Center, your local officials, and your local weather office for information on your exact location and to stay up to date on any evacuation orders that may be in place. Please stay safe and stay prepared!

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