Top 10 Best Familiars in DnD 5E

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Find Familiar is a first level spell which allows you to summon a familiar animal to help you out, which last basically until it dies. And having a familiar is such great utility, that it's easily one of the best first level spells in the game, and in this list we'll be going over which are the best familiars to pick from the Find Familiar spell.

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--The List--
Intro: (0:00)
10- Octopus: (0:17)
9- Spider: (1:26)
8- Bat: (2:11)
7- Raven: (2:54)
6- Owl: (3:45)
5- Imp: (5:17)
4- Tressym: (6:24)
3- Gelatinous Ice Cube: (8:12)
2- Arctic stink Squirrel : (9:14)
1- Flying Monkey: (10:53)

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