The Miracle Mosque of Allah in Indonesia has not been submerged to this day.

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Hi Friends!! I’m here with this new video of The Miracle Mosque of Allah in Indonesia has not been submerged to this day.

Assalam o Alaikum Brothers and Sisters , Here is the summary of this video
The video states that the mosque is the house of God, the place of worship of Muslims is called the mosque. It is commonly used for prayer, but historically it is important in many respects, such as for worship, for gathering of Muslims, for educational purposes, and even for visiting the Prophet's Mosque in early Muslim times It has also been used to meet and discuss delegations.
The mosque has many virtues in Islam
It is narrated from Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar that once the Holy Prophet passed two meetings in the Prophet's Mosque. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Both are good, but one of them is the best of them all. So one group is turning to Allaah and asking for supplication. Yes, these people are teaching the knowledge of religion to illiterate people, so they are better and I have been sent as a teacher, then you yourself sat in the council with this knowledge.
In today's video, a miracle has been told about the mosque because the mosque is the house of Allah and this whole universe is run by Allah, therefore Allah has to protect it. The video states that a mosque in Indonesia, which is the house of God, had a miracle that the whole city was submerged in water, but the mosque remained safe. This video will provide information about this mosque.

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