The Best Performance In CS:GO History?

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Counter-Strike is back.

This past weekend we saw Na’Vi 3-0 G2 in the grand finals of IEM Cologne -- which, for those who may have forgotten, is the first LAN we’ve had in sixteen months. Eerily enough, it was also the same exact result as the last LAN back in February 2020.

Which kind of begs the question: was CS:GO’s so-called ‘online era’ really just an asterisk?

Here's our take.

Written & Hosted by: Dimitri Pascaluta (@DPascaluta)
Edited by: Colten Gowan (@TheOnlyZoltan)
Thumbnail by: William O'Keefe
Produced by: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick) & Devin Jones (@milkshks)

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