Stop Playing Elemental Shaman AND TRY THIS! | Evolve Shaman | Wailing Caverns | Hearthstone

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Rarran here, This Hearthstone video is on, Stop Playing Elemental Shaman AND TRY THIS! | Evolve Shaman | Wailing Caverns | Hearthstone
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Deck List:
### Pirate
# Class: Shaman
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Gryphon
# 2x (0) Lightning Bloom
# 2x (1) Animated Broomstick
# 2x (1) Armor Vendor
# 2x (1) Novice Zapper
# 2x (2) Landslide
# 2x (2) Menacing Nimbus
# 2x (2) Wandmaker
# 1x (3) Instructor Fireheart
# 2x (3) Primal Dungeoneer
# 2x (3) Tidal Surge
# 1x (4) Kazakus, Golem Shaper
# 2x (5) Boggspine Knuckles
# 1x (5) Taelan Fordring
# 1x (6) High Inquisitor Whitemane
# 1x (6) The Lurker Below
# 2x (7) Selfless Sidekick
# 2x (9) Carnival Clown
# 1x (10) Scrapyard Colossus
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone
# Generated by HDT -

#hearthstone #wailingcaverns #Rarran

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