So I played Sage vs the BEST Sage Player in Valorant... ($10,000 Tourney)

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In this video, I play vs Grim, the Valorant Sage GOD, in a $10,000 Code Red Tournament made for Content Creators and Streamers. The team captain was 100T Classify whom I let play Omen for the majority of the Tourney. I had fun playing with Sage Walls and Healing my Teammates while playing an Insane Battle Sage! I'm not quite a 200 IQ Sage Player like Grim, but my Sage is CLEAN. Enjoy!

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--- Copy and paste from Grim's description so I fit into the algorithm ---

My 200iq Sage Walls are insane in ranked Valorant, and it makes everyone call me weird :(! My big brain sage plays are just too overpowered in Valorant! It is so funny to make people rage at my sage walls, but sometimes people are mean :(. But its ok, because I always get the wins :)! I appreciate all of you that watched the video and don't forget to check out my twitch below and Subscribe as I post everyday, Love you guys!

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