ROBLOX SCHOOL with ADLEY!! Royal High Princess Makeover routine before the Ball with new friends!

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Time to teach this Old Grandpa Dad some new Roblox Tricks


HEY EVERYBODY!! Learning is one of my favorite things to and it's SO important, so today we set up a school but our substitute teacher was a grandpa that didn't know how to teach very well. When he first showed up he couldn't find the whiteboard and he almost wrote on the window, I tried to show him where it was but he ended up writing on the door and making a HUGE MESS!! Then we were supposed to take our Ipads out but he didn't know what an Ipad was! I asked the teacher if I could use the hall pass but he thought a cactus was the hall pass and he poked himself. I decided I had to call my mom to come save me, and when she showed up we got SUCKED INTO ROBLOX! At first, we didn't know where we were but then we figured out we were in a Roblox school called royal high! Me and mom went and decorated our lockers very first, then we found our dorm room. The first class that we had was and we had to do an obby race (obstacles course race)! Then we had more classes like computers and English where we met our new friends Alli and Pirate Boy! It turns out Mom and Pirate Boy had a SECRET CRUSH! Then we had to talk to the principal and he gave us a report card (I got an A+ of course)!! When we got back we had a ball. We all danced for a long time and had to vote for a king and queen of the ball! Once all the votes were counted I was awarded QUEEN of the roblox school! I had so much fun doing school in too bad not all school is roblox school!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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