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If the idea of a sheet pan dinner does not excite you, trust me, I am right there with you. But this one feels different. Here, a chicken is roasted on a sheet pan (sheet pan dinner!), but instead of leaving the juices and sticky bits behind to be washed away in your kitchen sink, they're deglazed with vinegar, raw garlic and crushed olives and scraped up to make a gloriously tangy sauce. This gives you all the benefits of a skillet chicken, but made on a sheet pan. It tastes complex, *sophisticated*, and like you for sure put so much more effort into it than you actually did, and we love that! The quickness and ease of sheet pan roasting combined with the flavorful sauciness of a skillet sear? Swipe right, subscribe, etc!

As for the chicken you’re using— I like to use a whole bird cut up into ten pieces (two legs, two thighs, two wings, two breasts cut in half) because I think that everyone should get the piece of chicken they want (I enjoy a wing and a thigh, thanks). But if you’re wanting to just do thighs and legs, or perhaps breasts only, you should!

If you don’t like olives, I am shocked you’ve read this far. But truly, they are as important as the chicken here and make up the lion’s share of the actual sauce. THAT SAID! You could simply only use the herbs here (parsley, cilantro, a mix), or take a number of quick-cooking/already cooked vegetables and use them to make this sauce, too. Thinly sliced fennel, boiled and crushed potatoes, capers, fresh cherry tomatoes all come to mind.


0:00​ Home Movies with Alison Roman intro
0:19 Intro to Crushed Olive Sheet Pan Chicken
1:25 Season the chicken on the sheet pan
3:39 Place the chicken in the oven
4:02 Prepare the olives for the sauce
5:02 Rotate the chicken in the oven
5:16 Add garlic, white vinegar, water, and parsley to sauce
7:16 Remove the chicken from the oven and set aside
7:37 Add the sauce to the pan to combine with the sticky chicken bits
8:05 Drizzle the combined sauce with parsley over the chicken
9:02 Taste the Crushed Olive Oil Sheet Pan Chicken

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Director: Daniel Hurwitz
Editor: Jonny Look
Director of Photography: Dennis Thomas
Sound: Brian Cushin
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