[Q&A] how I got a job in KPOP industry | working fulltime at 21 years old | career & college advice

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Hello everyone! I finally filmed this longgggg Q&A - How I got a job in KPOP Industry video, thank you all so much for waiting, and asking all your questions! Let me know if you want a separate video on different careers in the KPOP industry as well!

New video every Sunday 11 pm KST!

Time stamp:
about me: 0:40
my job: 1:00
my major & college: 2:30
how I graduated a year early: 4:04
my classes: 6:07
my internship experience: 12:56
my college advice: 21:31
can foreigners work in Korea?: 24:34
my salary: 28:55
do I see kpop idols?: 29:27
the good & bad of working in kpop: 31:20
my interview process: 34:45
About me: I'm 22 years old, born in Korea, grew up in Vancouver, Canada and went to college at New York University!

Instagram & Tiktok handle: @itskatecho

Filmed with: Canon EOS M50 & Osmo Pocket
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