Paul Heyman TURNS On Heel Roman Reigns & Helps The Fiend WIN WWE Universal Title In 2020 LEAKED!

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Paul Heyman TURNS On Heel Roman Reigns & Helps The Fiend WIN WWE Universal Title In 2020 LEAKED!

On this past weeks episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Bray Wyatt revealed the new member of The Firefly Funhouse to be the Wobbly Walrus, and by all means, it didn't take fans very long to realize the striking resemblance between The Wobbly Walrus and Paul Heyman, and if a new backstage rumor proves to bet true, The Fiend Bray Wyatt introducing the Wobbly Walrus could be setting up a massive swerve in the storyline for Paul Heyman and his new client Roman Reigns. According to this rumor, backstage officials are considering the idea of having The Fiend essentially take control of Paul Heyman, much like The Fiend has done with Alexa Bliss, with Wyatt likely to attack Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns during an upcoming segment on SmackDown, with The Fiend using The Hurt Glove on Paul Heyman, and basically shifting Paul Heyman's consciousness under The Fiend's control moving forward, with the storyline then reportedly heading in the direction where Bray Wyatt and his bizarre Wobbly Walrus puppet set in motion Paul Heyman eventually turning on his new client Roman Reigns, with these segments occurring in The Firefly Funhouse, and we have been told that Heyman would likely turn on Reigns during a Universal Title match between The Fiend Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns in late 2020, likely at the Hell In A Cell PPV, which would result in not only The Fiend winning back the Universal Title (WWE Hindi India Explained), but also adding Paul Heyman to his new Wyatt Family as the real-life version of the Wobbly Walrus, with Heyman becoming The Fiend and the rest of the new Wyatt Family's manager while he's still under The Fiend's control!

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