Nintendo Switch Update 12.0.0 Adds An Interesting Feature And E3 Is Back For 2021 | News Wave

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The Nintendo Switch Update seemed like a small update, but now that data miners have had a chance to look through the update an interesting new feature was found. E3 is officially back for 2021 with an announcement outlining who will be participating.

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00:00 - Start

00:44 - Diablo II Alpha

2:01 - Front Mission Trademark

2:59 - Sony Talks MLB The Show 21 On Game Pass

4:19 - Switch Update Brings Interesting Change

8:24 - E3 Announced For June

11:45 - Time Splitters 2 4k Port Hidden In Homefront

13:52 - GTA V Heading To xCloud

15:41 - Poll

16:42 - Comment Of The Day

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