New Halo Infinite Multiplayer Spartan Armor & Day 1 Server Issue Rumors! Halo Infinite News

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New Halo Infinite Spartan Armor coating and armor variations have been revealed via two new Halo Infinite multiplayer Spartan toys. Trusted Xbox insider Klobrille is also hinting at the possibility of day 1 server challenges for Halo Infinite.

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We are finally getting news again from the toys! So you know what that means! Halo Infinite hype is BACK baby! Today I've got some fun new toy info for you and also a slightly concerning Halo Infinite Day 1 server issue rumor.

In this footage you will get a gorgeous look at Halo Infinite's Spartan Gungnir armor with orange armor coating and customizable viso, as well as a lime green armor coating multiplayer spartan featuring Halo Infinite's signature Mark 5 armor.

These Halo Infinite multiplayer Spartan armors will probably make you a big target in the gameplay, so be cautious when deciding which ones to buy. But we can worry about that after Halo Infinite comes out.

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