Monday 1 pm Hurricane Sally update: Winds up to 90 mph, Mississippi landfall still predicted

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No increase in sustained winds at 1 pm, that's some good news. Gusts up to 115mph with sustained to 90 mph.

Sally has made the jump from a tropical storm to a Category 1 hurricane in a rather short amount of time, this intensification has occurred at a rapid pace but by definition the storm did not undergo rapid intensification.

Rapid intensification is defined as a jump in sustained winds by 30 knots or near 35 mph in a period of 24 hours according to the National Hurricane Center.

As of Sunday's 10 AM CDT advisory winds were at 60 mph. At the special advisory issued at 11:30 AM CDT today winds were sustained at 90 mph, a jump of about 30 mph in 24 hours.

Sally was struggling with persistent wind shear throughout the day yesterday that gradually relaxed overnight. The storm once again became more vertically stacked and intensification began quickly.
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