MGS5 - Ep.28: [Code Talker] - No Traces / CQC only / Perfect Stealth

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Kicking the Skulls' asses. Literally.
Episode 28: Code Talker from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.
No Traces / No Alerts / Perfect Stealth / S Rank.
* * *

1) Perfect Stealth / No Kills / No Combat Alerts.
2) NO TRACES bonus requires:
- No CQC (hold-ups are allowed) [the game makes an exception here for the boss characters, like the Skulls]
- No direct physical contact with enemies, like kicking or bumping into someone
- No weapons or bionic arm attacks
- No support weapons, including empty magazines
- No attacks from buddies
- No rank-restricting equipment, like active camo
- No supply or vehicle drops (calling in the chopper is allowed).
- Enemies have maximum level of preparedness against covert actions
- All enemy equipment is left intact (mines, cameras, helmets, etc.)
- My own equipment is fully upgraded with all bionic arm upgrades unlocked.
4) As an extra challenge, when dealing with enemies who are not the mission targets:
- No hold-ups
- No distractions
- No suspicions raised.
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