Mermaid Island Quick Walkthrough | Klondike Adventures Valentine event

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Klondike Adventures Mermaid Island

How I got so much energy???
Most of the energy is from burning energy supplies in cauldron and furnace. It takes weeks to store sufficient energy supplies for an event. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY you can get such amount of energy.
Livestock are the base of energy and game cycle. You get energy supplies from them. In addition, you can get extra energy from Furnace, campfire, sweetshop etc.
You can watch these videos for more information on the game: ????

energy tips and tricks:

coins management:

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01:05 beginning
02:51 shell
02:59 trader
03:57 the fountain gives water every 2 hour after repair.
05:00 pink clay
07:53 sea decorations
09:23 lighthouse key
09:42 fishing line
10:30 bridge repair
10:54 Crystal shards
13:44 puzzle hint
14:34 lemon trees
16:16 collect lilies
17:24 collect Pruners
19:08 extract marbles
21:30 message from Klondike
21:47 collecting treasures and vases
25:29 find parrot
25:59 Flower Seahorse statue
26:34 reward placing
29:05 gift for me from Klondike
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