LUPE FIASCO - MURAL - Lyrics, Rhymes Highlighted (160) [SPECIAL SPECIAL]

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Highlighting the rhyme scheme of Mural by Lupe Fiasco from Tetsuo & Youth album (2015). This will most likely be the longest upload with one artist, no hook, just bars. This is the "almost 50k subs special". NO REQUESTS will be noted under this video - make sure you watch this a couple of times and simply ENJOY THIS VIDEO that took me about 2 weeks to thank you!

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Since English isn't my native language all feedback is more than welcome and I really appreciate all the support as be happy & stay healthy!????

// About Spited: #BehindThePen
Purpose of this project is educating the hip-hop fans around the globe about the skill of rhyming ("who really spits"). Fans hardly know how skilled certain artists actually are or used to be. Some artists have the skill of making each syllable and/or word count and I want to shed some light on this skill. #RhymeScheme

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