Important Update: News Media Bargaining Code

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Answers to questions about the News Media Bargaining Code out of Australia, from YouTube’s Creator Liaison, Matt Koval. The law, as proposed, would provide unfair advantages to big news businesses over everyone else online—including you—the very creators and artists that make YouTube, YouTube.

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0:00 - News Media Bargaining Code
0:21 - What is this new proposed law?
0:49 - Why does YouTube care about this law?
1:40 - Why does this matter to me as a YouTube Creator?
2:08 - What will YouTube do if this passes?
2:38 - Should I be concerned if I don't make news content?
2:58 - What can I do?

For more info, check out the links
- Helpful FAQs for Creators:
- Google Open Letter to the Australian Public:
- Letter to Creators from Gautam Anand, Head of YouTube Asia-Pacific:
- Draft of the News Media Bargaining Code:
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