How the Dark Troopers Sensed Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian Season 2

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Everything Luke Skywalker did to Defeat the Dark Troopers in The Mandalorian Season 2, including, using Anakin Skywalker's fighting style.

I see this question a lot, why did the Dark Troopers stop once Luke showed up?
My theory is that they were programmed to go after the greatest threat in the area. Once Luke showed up, they either were primed to sense a being with high midichlorian levels, which I would imagine Moff Gideon had implemented into their programming and hardware, like a metal detector, only for blood M count.
Or, the most logical, which is that of the 40 or so troopers that I counted, Luke was already busting up the ones in the docking bay, the dark troopers either heard them or they sent a signal to the rest to be prepared.
The main change with these phase 3 dark troopers and the ones from legends, are that these ones aren’t lightsaber resistant. In legends their armour could take lightsaber slashes and nothing would happen to them. In this one, they got absolutely destroyed. Now there’s bit of a legends theory I can spin on this, which isn’t true but I’ll explain it to you anyways, in legends you could turn a dial on your lightsaber hilt to increase the strength of the blade, make it longer or shorter. Qui-Gon has this on his hilt, in fact, and so do many lightsabers. It’s possible that Luke switched a setting on his saber to deal more damage, take more power from his kyber crystal, but in return, cause him to be slower. In the legends game Jedi knight 2 jedi outcast, you can actually change your lightsaber stance from blue to yellow to red. Blue yields low damage but you wield your blade extremely fast, yellow is medium, and red yields a super heavy blade that is devastating when clashed. Now I don’t think Luke did that with these troopers, because they seem to be lightsaber vulnerable, unlike their legends counterparts who were more tough, but also less maneuverable. Luke using his green blade was amazing and it made the little kid in me return, again.

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