Hinata's ex is tsukishima !? part 3 ||Haikyuu Text ||

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if you haven't watched part 1 and 2 here's the link :

part 1 :

part 2 :

If your asking what happened why did the break up here's the explanation :

Yamaguchi and tsukishima are bestfriend while hinata and tsukishima are lovers but yamaguchi got jealous and he forced tsukishima to kiss him and hinata saw them
Hinata starts to cry and run towards home
Tsukishima tries to see hinata but hinata's mom wont let him in. After that tsukishima went back to hinata's house again but when tsukishima got there the neighbors told him that they moved. A month later tsukishima forgives yamaguchi and they start dating but yamaguchi know that tsukishima still love hinata . After 3 years Hinata and tsukishima reunited again . Tsukishima saw Hinata with kageyama and he's heart start's to ache everytime he see's hinata and kageyama laughing and bieng happy so tsukishima decided to be rude towards hinata but tsukishima knows that he still like hinata .

This story is made by me it has nothing to do with the real haikyuu anime.
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