Forgotten Wars - The Roman Invasion of Arabia (26 BC) DOCUMENTARY

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In this history documentary we explore one of the lesser known chapters of Roman history during the reign of Emperor Augustus. The event in question was the forgotten war of the Roman invasion of Arabia. This was brought about after Augustus had consolidated his rule and was looking for new ways to win gold and glory for the people. The campaigns into Germania had become tiresome slogs with little material benefit. As such he turned to the newly minted province of Egypt and its lucrative eastern trade routes. Emperor Augustus ordered the prefect, Aelius Gallus to venture forth into the lands of ancient Arabia. The documentary follows the Roman Army as it prepares for the military campaign and eventually invades.

Stay tuned for more episodes on Rome's Forgotten Wars like our previous episode on the Great Illyrian Revolt. What other unknown wars should we cover next?

Bibliography and Suggested Reading:
"The Geography of Strabo - Book XVI, Chapter 4" by Strabo
"Arabia and the Arabs: From the Bronze Age to the Coming of Islam" by Robert G. Hoyland

Research - Chris Das Neves
Writing - Chris Das Neves
Narration - Invicta
Artwork - Gabriel Cassata
Editing - Invicta

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