Flensburg Fiasco: Dissolving a Nazi Government (1945) | British Pathé

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This silent footage from 1945 shows captured German soldiers and Nazi officers being escorted by British soldiers after the dissolution of the Flensburg Cabinet in the last year of World War II.

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Unissued / unused material.

Flensburg, Germany.

Various shots German officers and Nazi government officials being lead out of temporary government buildings. They have their hands on their heads and are under guard of British soldiers. Captured German soldiers are marched across courtyard. High ranking officers being lead out of building. L/S tank. British officers in tank having a conversation. More shots German officers and officials. C/U some German women, one holds a Dachshund. C/U British soldiers.

More shots tanks. L/S Union Jack flying over government building. M/S Nazi leaders being escorted into building. M/S kids watching. M/S the high ranking German prisoners of war being escorted out of building. Various C/Us of high ranking officers: Grand Admiral Karl Donitz, Albert Speer and General Alfred Jodhl.

Various shots of fishing harbour. Captured German officers and officials climb out of truck, still under guard of British. M/S women and children watching. M/S abandoned car. More shots German POWs being marched along. Spacing. Various shots tanks driving through streets.

Note: the Nazi leaders were arrested at Flensburg on May 23rd 1945.

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