EREN’S NEW ARMY! | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11 Breakdown

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This video explains episode 11 of Attack on Titan season 4, in which Eren’s supporters begin to rebel against the military and Marley decide to strike back agains Paradis. Episode 11 of AOT the Final Season is called Deceiver. The episode primarily focuses on the fallout from Eren being arrested. Eren’s supporters begin to cause trouble in an attempt to have him freed from jail and Yelena is questioned about her secretly meeting with Eren before his attack on Marley. Gabi and Falco also have a side quest in which they awkwardly encounter Sasha’s family. Back in Marley, Reiner argues that they should strike back against Paradis island as soon as possible.

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Episode 11 of AOT the final season was called Deceiver.

The title “deceiver” is a reference to both Zeke deceiving Marley and Yelena deceiving the military on Paradis island. Back in Marley, Reiner wakes up after hearing Gabi and Falco’s voices. In all likelihood, Reiner was probably having a bad dream about the raid in Marley, in which both of the warrior candidates were crying out for him to save Porco. With Zeke now defecting to Paradis, Reiner is by default the new captain of the warriors.

In the post credit scene, we got the confirmation that Marley now realise that Zeke has betrayed them. There were several things that gave Zeke’s betrayal away, such as Yelena’s involvement in trapping Pieck and Porco and the fact that the forces on Paradis had Marlyean technology in their equipment. Yelena is a known follower of Zeke, so her involvement lead Pieck to theorise that Zeke had been planning something ever since Yelena was sent to Paradis 3 years ago. Additionally Zeke’s full remains couldn’t be found inside the beast titans corpse, exposing that he wasn’t really in there when it got blown up. All the warriors take the news differently with Porco being the most emotional but Colt is more sombre. That’s because Colt’s main concern is getting Falco back home, which can only be done when Marley launch a counter attack on Paraids. General Magath’s idea is to wait six months before they attack the island, as this will give other countries around the world time to join forces with Marley and they can all attack the island simultaneously. If that was to happen, Paradis island would be would be totally annihilated and it’s definitely a safer bet than Marley launching an attack by themselves.

Next up the anime goes back to Gabi and Falco who had spent the entire night running though the forrest. The two then have a brief altercation but are interrupted Kaya, who was the one that Sasha saved four years ago. After her mother was killed by titans, she was taken in by Sasha’s parents and now lives on their family farm. During a morning walk she happened to overhear Gabi and Falco arguing and politely asks where they’re from. She brings them to her home and Gabi bizarrely interacts with Sasha’s family, with no one knowing that Gabi is the one that killed Sasha.

Lady Kiyomi has now touched down on Paradis island. For the past 3 years the nation of Hizuru has had an alliance with Paradis and have been using the islands natural resources to develop new technologies. One of those new technologies is this flying boat and Kiyomi has brought it so that that she can use it to observe the partial rumbling of the earth.

By Eren attacking Marley, a partial rumbling of the earth is now necessary for the island to protect itself from the rest of the world, as Paradis Is guaranteed to be attacked at some point in the near future. The problem for the military is that although they know a rumbling is necessary, they don’t trust Eren and Zeke to do it because if those two make contact then they can cause a lot more trouble. Eren could mess with everyones brains and manipulate their memories, as the founding titan would give eren control over every eldian in the world. Because of that, Eren and Zeke are currently separated but the military is still preparing for the rumbling to happen. We know this because in this episode Kiyomi has arrived to observe the rumbling in her flying boat and more importantly a forced evacuation of Shiganshina has already begun. Shinganshina is one of the most outermost parts of the wall, so if a partial rumbling was to happen, then it makes sense to start there.
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