Energy to Bring in Luck????

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Energy to Bring in Luck is a one hour video that may assist with bringing in several different types of luck vibrations. Try using this video (if you can handle the energy with, Energy for Positive Experiences, ???? This video does not have sound.
????Luck can come across in many ways including getting free things, finding parking spaces, avoiding traffic, meeting the right people, more opportunities coming your way, Use this video while sleeping or meditating for best results. If you are used to the energy you can minimize it and play it while doing something else.
The videos in this compilation include:
Reiki for Luck
Reiki to Feel Lucky
Reiki for Positive Surprises
Reiki for Good Fortune

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???? The items listed below are the favorite ones Lourdes uses in her energy practice. *Rest, Relaxation, and Reiki is a participant in the Amazon Services Affiliate Program, where Lourdes earns small fees by linking to

???? Tuning Forks, Ohm Therapeutics (best ones I have found),
???? The Future is Yours, Raymon Grace (Pendulum book),
⚖ Pendulum for Energy Work (this is the type I use),
???? The Energy Medicine Kit - Donna Eden, Includes a CD, DVD, Instructional Cards, Crystal Pendulum, and a Pamphlet, \cHNq5p
???? Sound Healing - Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks (this book has a cd, not the tuning forks) - Marjorie do Muynck,
???? Selenite Rods by the Pound - Dancing Bear
???? Feng Shui Crystal Balls - Asfour,
⚖ The Pendulum Kit - Sig Lonegren,
???? Lodge Cast Iron Pot, 1 pint -
???? Unpluggable Digital Microscope -
???? Grid Sticker -
???? Hanging Bells for Energy Clearing -

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*DISCLAIMER: Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as a replacement for medical needs. Always seek the advice of a medical profession for issues and challenges. Reiki videos should not be received while using machinery or driving. Since everyone's energy is different, results may vary and are not guaranteed.
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