Dr John Demartini Reveals The Meaning of Life, Wealth & Happiness

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Rob Moore is joined by world-renowned specialist in human behaviour, a researcher, author and global educator Dr John Demartini. Together they dive into mindset, values, expanding your awareness and becoming more resilient to the addiction to praise and the fear of rejection.

“Nobody gets up in the morning and says I want to have less knowledge” so jump in and discover the secrets to living your life by your highest priorities by learning to embrace pain and pleasure in the pursuit of your purpose.


Everybody has a set of values that they live their life by, whenever they are doing something that is in alignment with what is really most meaningful to them, they are spontaneously inspired to act and they are more resilient to the addiction to praise and the fear of rejection. We are more resilient because we are more objective. Every moment we are living by our higher values we become more resilient to distractions and when we live this way we have the highest probability of embracing pain and pleasure in the pursuit of our purpose.

You never have certainty when you have polarised biases. Anytime you have an imbalanced day state and not an objectivity state there’s always uncertainty in your mind. When things are balanced, we lose our certainty and the moment we get in our brains we tend to bias things as the survival mechanism instead of a thriving mechanism. We need to ask ourselves how is what is happening to me right now, how is this helping me fill my priority?

Human beings are called to expand, their awareness and their potential will never go away. Gratitude for the opportunity to do and not take credit or blame is one of the most powerful mechanisms humans can develop. This relates to repurposing ourselves, the moment we beat ourselves up, we repurpose ourselves because this makes us go back to priority thinking and mechanism.

Don’t ever think you’re proud of your child unless you’re taking credit for what you think you did to get them there. You are never proud of their actions, pride is not the way they did, pride is what role you think you played in what they just did, the second you’re proud, they’re going to humble you.

The moment we allow ourselves to get up and be proud, we have a built-in thermostat to focus and bring up our consciousness about the stuff we didn’t feel we lived up to. We push the homeostatic ‘us’ back into the centre of our actions to reach authenticity again.


“Whenever you’re living by your highest priority, you are more objective.”

“Nobody gets up in the morning and says I want to have less knowledge”

“We want to show off our faces with pride and cover our faces with shame”

“Love them, but watch out for taking credit or blame”

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