DF Retro: Dinosaur Planet - Inside Rare's Lost N64 Game + Star Fox Adventures Comparisons!

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Dinosaur Planet is the last Nintendo 64 game developed by Rare and thought lost - the original game having been revamped and repurposed as Star Fox Adventures for Nintendo GameCube. However, advanced development code for the game has recently been discovered, giving us a fascinating glimpse at the game that never was. In a DF Retro special, John Linneman examines the recovered code, stacks it up against Star Fox Adventures on GameCube, and brings us exclusive insight about the game from one of the people that made it!

Table of Contents

0:00 - Introduction
2:12 - Origins
6:09 - Pushing N64
9:37 - Comparing with GameCube
24:07 - Unused Areas
27:06 - Final Thoughts

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