Bride calls off wedding days before event because she found her fiance on a dating site

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The Tiktok user, who goes by the name leela_li, describes the challenging experience of having to call off her wedding in a recent viral video.
“It was a big wedding. Wasn’t just a small little get together, I had 101 people on the invites from all over the United States”, she says.
But she specifies that 101 guests really feels like 1,000 when you have to disivite everyone.
Astoundingly, she says that she didn’t receive a lot of support from her nearest and dearest, beacuse she felt that she couldn’t tell them the truth of the situation at the time.
But she stresses that the situation was painful for her.
Describing the moment when she realised something was wrong.
When she was looking through the website, trying to find his profile, she says she couldn’t see anything with his name or his face.
However, she says that she did recognise one picture.
The image was so recognisable because her bedsheets were visible in the background of the picture.
She was able to use this information to get an idea of when he had been searching for other partners.
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