???? art journal with me ∣ the happiness of seeing someone again 。

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journaling about a happy day!

thank you for your support to all of you, i am so grateful! will be doing a giveaway soon and i hope you enjoy today's video!


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materials used:
???? : muji notebook (not being sold anymore)
????: van gogh pocket box
????: ballpoint pen (lineart), muji fineliner (writing), fudenosuke brush pen

1. Music provided by 브금대통령
Track : 둘레길 산책 -
2. Song : 샛별 - 그대 목소리에 눈 떠보니 봄이었다.
Music provided by 샛별.
Link :
3. Peaceful Latale Piano Medly by 팰리 Pally

editing software: premiere pro cc
camera: panasonic g7

email: helloodori@
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