[aot text - ft. y/n] - just my type - final part 'heather'

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Hey beautiful! Hope you’re doing well : )

I'm so sorry this is bad and I know y'all were excepting something really cool but yeah i don't know I didn't knew what to write-

really hope y'all won't hate me lool


---------- DISCLAIMER ----------

- I don’t own the songs and the characters I used in this video!

- this is NOT how I see the personages I used in the video, If the video and the reaction are making you uncomfortable, just switch to a different video!

- Nothing in this video is true, I did the video for fun and most of the character's would probably react differently if they were real!

---------- YOU'RE NOT ALONE ----------

You're NOT alone! I love you, you worth it, if you feel the need, call to 741741, if you don’t want to call, just text ‘home’ to the same number, it’s completely free and it’s 24/7.

Don't be scare, it’s going to be fine.

---------- ME ----------


- I'm a teenager, I'm actually speaking French (sorry if I do some mistake when I write, I'm still not able to talk English perfectly ^^)

- I started doing fake group chat because I can't sleep at night. I was also watching some and it looked fun so I try!

- Real people aren’t attractive for me anymore (2d have my heart)

- people say I'm funny but I don’t know how to take it because I literally do nothing to be it.

- i use a LOOOT of sarcasm, sorry if it's confusing but i can't stop it's so funny ;-;

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