All Signs URGENT ENERGY UPDATE - Person learned something about you that's driving them toward you!

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EXTENDED READING: To dive DEEP into how your person feels about you & what happened on their end check out the extended reading --

These are GENERAL/LOVE and in most cases Timeless tarot readings, for your sun, moon, rising, or Venus signs. Be sure and check my playlists for a mix of ALL monthly and timeless readings available.

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Personal readings are on pause for a spell while I recoup some energy and to help me focus a bit on building this YouTube channel up. For more info on that you can head on over to my website

I read the cards intuitively by the energies around them. Remember these are general readings so they may not resonate with you, but it is always a good idea to stick around even if it seems like it doesn't because you did find the reading which means it's possible there's something in it that you need to hear. For any timeless lessons aka the "For who ever needs this" readings, if you found it, same rule applies, you can bet it's either all for you and it's YOUR energies I'm reading, or there's at least something in there for you to hear.

If my readings resonate with you or even if you're just entertained by them I'd really appreciate it if you'd "like" and "share", and of course hit that "subscribe" button. I'm really hoping to build this channel up. You can also follow me on Twitter and I'll gladly banter back and forth with Find me on Twitter at,

Always remember you have free-will, make your own decisions in life. Tarot, especially general tarot readings like these here online are for entertainment purposes only.

But that doesn't mean it can't be damn accurate especially if it resonates with you.

I'm just readin' cards
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