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Taiwanese pianist SLS playing "季路" (Kiro) by AIMER.
This song is from Anime "魔道祖師" (The Founder of Diabolism).
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Hi everyone, this is SLS. Since this song came out, I decided to make a video for it. It's such a beautiful, deep song, and the lyrics are beautiful as well. It always reminds me of "rokutouseino yoru" and "haru wa yuku" while playing this piece. In the last chorus I tried to do a hard arrangement just to give this song a punch, and it turned out to be a little bit crazy LOL, hope you like it!

0:00 Verse 1
1:03 Pre-Chorus
1:33 Chorus
2:34 ikimonogakari - SAKURA
3:01 Improv.
3:28 Verse 2
3:54 Pre-Chorus
4:16 Chorus
5:18 Bridge
5:54 Chorus (Reprise)
6:20 INSANE!!!
7:06 Outro
8:07 BONUS!!! "Rokutousei no yoru"

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●Piano / NORD PIANO 3
●Speakers / ADAM A7X
●Audio Interface / Yamaha AG06
●Camera / Panasonic GH5
●Studio Desk / Wavebone HEADQUARTER
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