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A Wake Inn is one of a few brand new PC VR horror games that I have been incredibly excited for, with it's unique control scheme, gorgeous visuals & slow paced, puzzle solving gameplay, A Wake Inn VR looks set to tick all the boxes for VR gamers everywhere. I was lucky enough to check out the early beta version the game and can share some A Wake Inn gameplay / A Wake Inn VR gameplay with you today, along with my honest A Wake Inn first impressions. After playing for around one and a half hours it's safe to say this new VR horror outing has huge potential, but a few small gripes & performance issues hold it back from achieving everything it sets out to accomplish.

You may have heard about a wheelchair VR game coming out soon, well this is A Wake Inn! You play as a mannequin / dummy come to life and your only means of movement is the wheelchair you are bound to. This creates some unique gameplay opportunities and a locomotion movement system that not everyone will enjoy, I personally love the system (it slows the pace of the game down & helps to keep the player feeling completely immersed in the world) but it does come with some issues. Navigating the world can at times be cumbersome & fiddly, something that will no doubt push other players to adopt the teleportation control scheme.

A Wake Inn also suffered from some minor performance issues during my play session, as this A Wake Inn gameplay / A Wake Inn VR Gameplay was captured from the pre release version of the game I can't say for certain whether these issues will be present in the full release but at times the stunning visuals of the game did slow down the performance & impact the frame rates.

If you can overlook the at times fiddly control scheme & possible performance issues however then there is a game here with a huge amount of potential. Wonderful environments, detailed textures, fantastic sound design & immersive gameplay all come together to create something potentially incredible, I'll keep my fingers crossed for some of the issues to be worked out when A Wake Inn launches on the 25th of February!

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